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Your personal information is secure. We take your privacy seriously.


Available in all 50 states

We can help your small business achieve its funding goals.


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Your Unsecured Funding amounts are often reached within 2-3 days of submitting applications and access to capital as soon as 7-10 days after approval.


Not JUST credit cards…

By utilizing multiple lending sources, our Funding Program allows us to obtain between 25K and 150K in funding for Start-Ups & Small Franchises, no matter the industry.


Paper or Plastic?

You’ll quickly find out that our proven funding system allows you to select from many types of loans all in one place. No need to shop around.


Having trouble?

Not sure the best way to fund your business? Simply CLICK HERE to speak with one of our trained funding advisors to discuss your funding options.



About Our Process

What we do and what we offer

Do you have?

Good to excellent Personal Credit?

Business Income or Receivables?

Business Equipment?

Business Owned Real Estate?

401K or IRA?

Stop searching for business loans that are nearly impossible to be approved. Our whole process is simplified by using current technology and multiple techniques in order to meet your goals. If one lender says “No”, there are plenty of others in line to say “Yes”!

Before you get started

It is important to have a good understanding of where you stand in your business and personal credit. Before you start, we will provide a full credit assessment at no cost to help you decide if our program is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?
Your Funding Target is usually reached 2 to 3 days after submitting applications, with Capital in hand within 7 to 10 days from your approval date.
Do you charge upfront fees?
There are No Upfront Fees for this program. Consulting fees are paid after our work is complete and clients have verified their funding amounts.
Will I get all funding from one source?
We will be applying with multiple lenders on your behalf, depending on your capital needs. It often requires 3 to 5 lenders to reach 100K Plus.
Why do I have to provide a credit report?
We need a new credit report in order to determine your creditworthiness at this current moment. Depending on the recent credit usage, scores can drop 40 to 60 points or more, so we’d like to review and make adjustments before submitting to banks. This will cut down on declines drastically as we can utilize the proper sources for your current situation.
Why was I denied?
We have multiple products and lending sources, but a person or business must have something working in their favor. This may be good credit, income, business revenue or assets. Without "something" working in your favor, obtaining funding can be a very difficult task.
Need extra cash?
Buy new devices?
Buy new electronics?
Your dream car?
Some repair?
Your dream house?

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